Heart Watch 2 is a fully insured state and federal CLIA-certified laboratory which specializes in affordable public and corporate health screenings including cholesterol, diabetes and bone density. It is the largest privately-owned mobile laboratory on the West Coast. Heart Watch 2 provided affordable screening services for 20 years, and for such corporate and public service organizations like the Los Angeles County fire chiefs, Delta Dental, Salesforce, Monterey School District, American Heart Association, Dignity Health, and Mitsubishi.

Heart Watch 2 provides safe, accurate, affordable health screening services (cholesterol, diabetes, bone density, and more) throughout California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada. The quality-control staff includes a physician and medical technologist to assist the service teams in the field.

Test results and counseling generally are made available to screened individuals within 15 minutes. Counseling includes an explanation of the individual results and the distribution of relevant literature.

Heart Watch 2 uses the most current mobile analysis devices available to perform ultrasound osteoporosis (bone density) screenings and blood analyses such as Lipid Panels for Cholesterol screening, Glucose and HbA1c screenings for Diabetes, Thyroid, Vitamin D, hs-C Reactive Protein, and body composition screenings.  Blood tests are performed by licensed phlebotomists, using a relatively painless finger-sticking technique.  Most results are available within minutes.  Aggregate reports are also available.