Guardant360® is a liquid biopsy which is offered by the company Guardant Health ( We decided to collaborate with Guardant Health in order to provide our customers an additional possibility for planning their cancer therapy. (HeartWatch2 only does the blood draw or collection of specimen, then send it to the Guardant360 lab for the testing of the blood specimen.)

Guardant360® is a laboratory test, which is performed with a blood sample. Patients are suitable for this test if they suffer from a solid tumor in an advanced stage (stage III or IV) and are planned to be treated with targeted drugs.
A liquid biopsy is especially an option for patients
  • For whom no biopsy can be performed
  • Whose tumor is unobtainable
  • For whom no sufficient tumor tissue is available for an adequate biological evaluation of the tumor
  • For whom archived biopsies or results are outdated
  • For whom one or more interventions have occurred since the last biopsy
In contrast to the CTR-Test® or tumor profiling, the liquid biopsy is non-invasive, which means no intervention (surgery or biopsy) is necessary, only some blood has to be drawn.
Via liquid biopsy, it can be determined before the start of a therapy, which targeted drugs could lead to a positive response in individual patients. Thereby ineffective therapies are avoided and valuable time is saved during therapy.
Additionally, patients are suitable for Guardant360® who want to perform monitoring and aftercare of their cancer therapy with the help of liquid biopsy.


Total Cholesterol  (no fasting required) – $18.00

Gives total cholesterol level without breaking it down into HDL or LDL.

Risk Assessment  (no fasting required) – $28.00

Gives total cholesterol, HDL (good cholesterol), and risk ratio.

Total Lipid Profile  (12 hours fast required) – $38.00

Gives total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, and risk ratio.

Glucose Test for Diabetes (may be done fasting or non-fasting) – $15.00

Measures current blood sugar levels.

If added to a Cholesterol test – $7.00

Hemoglobin A1c for Diabetes (may be done fasting or non-fasting) – $34.00

One of the ways the body copes with excess blood sugar is by forming glycosylated hemoglobin, or HbA1c.  This happens when the hemoglobin in red blood cells binds to glucose molecules.  The more glucose in the blood, the more hemoglobin is converted to HbA1c.  Once hemoglobin becomes glycosylated, it remains that way for the life of the red blood cell, which is about three months.

By measuring the percentage of HbA1c in the blood, doctors can determine your average blood glucose level over the past several months.  In people without diabetes, HbA1c levels are usually around 4 to 5 percent.  In people whose diabetes is well controlled, HbA1c should be less than 7 percent.  If HbA1c levels are higher than 8 percent, it’s time to take additional steps to control blood sugar.  It is recommended that diabetics check their HbA1c every 3 months.

HbA1c levels depend on the blood glucose concentration.  That is, the higher the glucose concentration in the blood the higher the level of HbA1c.  Levels of HbA1c are not influenced by daily fluctuations in the blood glucose concentration but reflect the average glucose levels over the prior six to eight weeks.  Therefore, HbA1c is a useful indicator of how well the blood glucose level has been controlled in the recent past and may be used to monitor the effects of diet, exercise, and drug therapy on blood glucose in diabetic patients.

Vitamin D Testing – $50.00 *

Vitamin D is important for good overall health and for strong and healthy bones.  It’s also an important factor in making sure your muscles, heart, lungs and brain work well and that your body can fight infection.

hs-C Reactive Protein Test – $40.00 *

High sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-CRP) is a plasma protein that rises in the blood with the inflammation from certain conditions.  Hs-CRP is a test of value in medicine, reflecting the presence and intensity of inflammation, although an elevation in CRP is not the telltale diagnostic sign of any one condition.

Thyroid (TSH) – $40.00 *

A thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) blood test is used to check for thyroid gland problems.  TSH is produced when the hypothalamus releases a substance called thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH).  TRH then triggers the pituitary gland to make and release thyroid hormones into the blood.

Both an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) and an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) can cause serious symptoms and should be treated.

Bone Density Testing for Osteoporosis – $34.00

Uses latest in Ultrasound technology.  A bare heel is needed for the test.

Body Composition Screening  (no fasting) – $25.00

Using state of the art Infrared technology, measures total body fat.   It indicates Lean Weight and Fat Weight which is then subdivided into three separate categories:  Essential Body Fat, Reserve Body Fat, and Excess Body Fat. It will also measure your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), Total Body Water, and BMI (Body Mass Index).

* These three tests take 5-10 days and results are emailed to the customer.

Additional Screenings available at Corporate Sites:

Blood Pressure – $70.00 per hour

Height – $70.00 per hour



Waist Circumference

Drug Testing – TBD

Nicotine Testing – TBD